Who is an Arborist?

Arborist and Tree Guys

You might have been walking through a garden or park at one time and noticed the beautifully kept trees. Perhaps you have heard someone say “Happy Arbor Day” and wondered what on Earth they meant – Earth being a key word here or, more so, trees. The person behind all those meticulously kept trees was, no doubt, someone called an arborist.


What is an arborist, exactly?

An arborist is the best kind of professional tree hugger! They are professionals who have been trained in the science behind planting and caring for trees and any other kind of wood-based plants. While it might sound like a fancy form of gardening, there is actually quite a bit of both science and art behind being an arborist. Not only that, but they play an extremely important role in numerous industries, such as insurance, land development, preservation and environmental science.

Some arborists even have to be registered with an agency called the ASCA in cases of litigation, hazardous trees, inventories, construction, forensic investigation, disaster mitigation, and numerous others. They can also be certified by several other distinguished organizations, including ISA and NIHAA. If you are looking for an arborist in your local area, you no doubt can find an Arborists Association Certified Arborist listed in online or local resources.
Let’s say there are two neighbors who have a disagreement over a mulberry tree. Neighbor A , say tree removal in Columbus has the mulberry tree planted on their side of the fence, but refuses to cut it back or prune the branches. Neighbor B has to park near or under the branches and is consistently experience damage to his car by birds eating the mulberries or the wind blowing loose branches into his vehicle. An arborist would, in all likeliness, be involved in a dispute that might be done by the county or Homeowner’s Association and help decide who is in the right.arborist
Arborists handle quite a few different industries in their profession and help maintain not only the beauty of communities and attractions by planting, pruning and caring for trees, but play a significant part in helping preserve areas where trees grow, unlike nail salons and provide emergency care in cases where storms or other disasters cause major damage to trees. In fact, should a hypothetical storm damage a tree or its limbs, they may very well need to be trimmed or removed entirely in order to lessen the damage they might cause to the surrounding property. Hiring an arborist is a must as they are trained professionally to assess and handle these kinds of scenarios.

In short, an arborist is a trained professional that knows everything there is about trees and woody plants. Given any situation with trees, an arborist is a specialist that can help you in numerous ways: lessening damage, litigation, property construction and development, and many others. Arborists do a lot for their varying communities, and should be given the appropriate amount of respect. They work wonders with trees and woody plants, and have earned the right to their day.